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Are you ready to live your life with new levels of personal empowerment?


Are you willing to say YES to all of your gifts as an Empath and/or Highly Sensitive Person?


Is it time for you to own your energy in a strong, vibrant, self-loving way like never before?


Then get ready for this exclusive online program from Irma Kaye Sawyer that will heal and uplift your energy in incredible ways!



2-for-1 Pricing on both of Irma Kaye Sawyer's Mastery Course!


Enjoy this course, Empath Empowerment, and Healing From Your Family of Origin for only $150!


Expires July 31, 2016



Over the course of five advanced modules, you will receive 21 tips and tools for living as an empowered Empath!

Plus, enjoy a 26-page Guidebook, listen to a healing Guided Meditation, experience a Cord Removal Exercise, Call Back Your Soul's Gifts, and more!


Module 1: Exploring Empathy: Its Uses and Challenges

  • What Is Empathy?
  • Three Powerful Tips To Help Your Daily Life As An Empath
  • Message From The Keepers


Module 2: Healing Challenges and the Empath: How to Keep Yourself Healthy and Happy!

  • Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome
  • Energy Infiltration and the “Psychic Answering Machine”
  • Eight signs you are “corded” or energetically infiltrated by another person
  • What to do when your energies are off-kilter and may be too interconnected with another
  • The “Offloading” and Shame-Blame Survival Guide


Module 3: Empath Relationship Challenges, the Narcissist-Empath Connection, and Creating Healthier Relationships

  • Q&A with the Keepers
  • Four Tools of the narcissist and/or personality disordered person used towards Empaths
  • Four Main Wounds of an Empath
  • Three Relationship Karmic Dynamics
  • Five Tips For Healing and Letting Go of a Dysfunctional Relationship and/or a Narcissist


Module 4: The Empath and the FOO (Family of Origin)

  • Two types of birth families
  • Teachings from the Keepers


Module 5: Putting It All Together: A New Vision of Your Empathic Nature For The Future

  • Five ways to Be An Aquarian Age Empath
  • Messages from the Keepers





2-for-1 Pricing on both of Irma Kaye Sawyer's Mastery Course!


Enjoy this course, Empath Empowerment, and Healing From Your Family of Origin for only $150!


Expires July 31, 2016



Upon registering, you will receive an email within 24 hours (often sooner) to login to the course.


You can start the journey at any time, proceed along at your own pace, and return to the course when you have time, any time.



"I was carrying some negative/unhealthy cords of attachment that were weighing me down, making me feel very depressed and interfering with my life and work. Irma Kaye and The Keepers did an Empath Empowerment for me and also helped me remove those cords, and since then I feel like a renewed person--healthier, more alive and better able to use my gifts." ~ Oen Cedereth


"Irma Kaye Sawyer's Empath course is worth every penny. The materials and meditations are relevant, informative, teaching and healing. Hands down recommend."

- Crystal Spirit Healing Arts

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